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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 3, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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. >> this is kpix 5 news. >> out of control. more than 8,000 acres have all ready burned and tonight this huge wildfire in southern california is exploding. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> we'll have a live report in a moment. but right now let's get over to paul and find out just how got around here today and a major change on the way. today the hottest day of the month. half-moon bay, right at the coastline. 87 degrees today. low 90s. morgan hill, mountain view. a new record in oakland,
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concord, hayward. new record set downtown. upper 80s in the city. redwood city, 92. low 90s for petanuma and sonoma. for the entire state of california raising the fire danger. christin ayers is live. >> reporter: yeah that's right, paul. blame it on lack of rain as you know. these dry conditions that you see out here fueling fires throughout the bay area. doctors are saying it could be hazardous to your health. from wine country to tahema county. wind driven wildfires are surging throughout the state. a heavy haze over the valley.
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>> my lungs close up. it's hard to breathe. >> reporter: health officials are warning asthmatics to stay in doors until the smoke blows over. kpix mobile forecaster says so far the wind is not cooperating. >> it's blowing all the pollution, the smoke from the north bay into the east bay and out towards the ocean. >> reporter: the sonoma fires aren't the only ones. we ran across this roadside fire driven by high winds and dry conditions. a mix of high heat and low humidity. a potentially disastrous omen of what's to come this fire season. and to prep for what is expected to be an active fire season, firefighters conducted some controlled burns today. something you think they may not do in these kinds of conditions. but they say they need to. they need practice fighting fires in dry, windy conditions.
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reporting live in dublin, christin ayers, kpix 5. big problems on the other side of the grapevine. a wildfire in southern california exploded across more than 8,000 acres and is threatening thousands of homes. the fire in ventura county is one of three fires burning in los angeles. that's where theresa is know. >> reporter: it's called the springs fire. it's not letting up. a late surge pushed these flames the furthest west possible up the pacific coast. it force add closure of the pacific coast. and more evacuations. some of the damage that this fire has done tonight these are rv's at a storage lot in camario springs. this fire broke out. shortly before before 7:00
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this morning morning. crews will reassess the terrain during daylight. equipment explodes when flames other took an agricultural facility. 2,000 homes have been threatened. about 15 damages. none destroyed. tonight some residents evacuated earlier today have been allowed back home. including those around cal states channel island campus. the ground crews continue to work over night. they're trying to get as much done while weather conditions improved. it's cooler. the winds have died down. but that's not expected to last. tomorrow it's going to warm up. and the santa anna winds will pick up. >> another day of battling those conditions. earlier we talked about our firefighters in the bay area battling rough weather but also
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acclimating to fire so early in the fire season. are firefighters down south having the same issue? >> sure, they are down here. the big thing is you get this multiagency report and response out here. a lot of the ground crews are continuing to work over night. they know typically in california the wildfire season doesn't kick into high gear until october, september. to see a fire this early in may is really concerning. this year so early they are concerned, liz. and it's going to definitely drain resources throughout the state. also in the news tonight, detectives looking for a child killer in the foothills had hoped to work up a composite sketch today. but one of their prime witnesses recanted her story. the woman told police she saw a man running from leila fowler's house in valley springs just before the 8-year-old was found
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stabbed to death on saturday. when calveras county investigators brought her in today to give a better description she took it all back. >> it's become clear that this witness is no longer credible. we're unaware of what her mind set is. she hasn't explained to us why she acted the way she did. >> despite that set back investigators have all but ruled out one potential suspect. they now say that it's unlikely that a placerville kidnapping suspect had anything to do with leila's death but dna will be tested to be sure. a couple days ago cops told everyone the woman they arrested for allegedly putting poisoned orange juice at a starbucks would face attempted murder charges. but here she is late this afternoon walking out of jail a free woman. no charges files. and kit asked why?
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>> reporter: when suspects are arrested they have to be charged in a certain amount of time. in this case there was not enough evidence. the da had no choice but to follow the law. in 48 hours ramineh behbehanian is a free woman. she didn't want to talk about the infamous poisonous starbucks story. she was seen taking two containers of orange juice out of her bag. the fire haz-mat team tested it and say it contained rubbing alcohol. since the formal lab tests are not done yet the da had no choice but to let her go. >> i commend the district attorney's office for their patience and thoroughness and i hope this matter will go away
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into court. >> her lawyer talked about how oranges can ferment. >> there is a substance that is manufactured inside jail cells from oranges that becomes an alcoholic beverage that prisoners drink. whether or not it's a similar affect occurred in those bottles or not i do not know. >> it scares me because what if she comes in here and does it again. behbehanian is not off the hook just yet. the lab results could come back as early as next week and she could wind up back in jail. >> i was at starbucks today and people were still talking about it. >> reporter: it's the talk of the town down here for sure. >> thank you. batted out. the warriors will go to the
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second round. >> talk about the talk of the town. the warriors capped off the first round of the playoffs with a capital w. tonight the nuggets are heading home. golden state is moving on up. kpix 5 denis o'donnell is at oracle with a game that gave a lot of us heart attacks at the end there, denis. >> reporter: a lot of defibrillators needed on the court tonight. you may recall in 2007 the warriors pulled off a major upset of the dallas mavericks on this court in game six. the warriors were trying to do the same tonight against denver in this game. and as he's been all series, steph curry stepped up when it mattered most. in the third quarter he came on strong. finished with 22 points. four 3 pointers. the warriors win 92-88. they advance to play the spurs on monday in san antonio.
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>> that's a special group. and i look away when i read comments by my guys. never disrespectful. never pointing the fingers at themselves never arrogant or cocky. always saying the right things. this is the greatest group of men as far as a team that i've ever been around or ever seen in my life. >> of course a huge assist to andrew bogut who had a huge night for the golden state warriors, reporting live, denis o'donnell. aaron hern is a sixth grader who was wounded in the boston bombings. he returned home this week. coming up, what the bombings suspects real target was and why they changed their plans at the last minute. the bay area guy who put up
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his own street sign so other drivers would behave. and does your make up do what it promises ? why one woman is suing a big cosmetic company for false advertising. bay area families wait years for one of these pets but not because they're the pick ,,,
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♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. the fourth of july. a u-s offificial . tonight we're learning the boston bombings suspects originally planned their attack for the 4th of july. a u.s. official tells officials tamerian tsamaev and his brother dzhokhar moved their plans up because they finished
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the bomb sooner than expected. the bombs were made in his older brothers home and he was only brought into the plot a few months ago. have you ever stuck behind somebody driving who has to slow down and take a look at the view. it happens all the time. it's beautiful out there. kpix 5 sue kwon on what one frustrated homeowner did when that didn't happen quick enough. >> reporter: nora beach, the epidamy of beauty. for every car slowing down to 10 miles per hour, there are a stretch of others waiting to pass at 25 to 30. >> they're pretty much turtles you get a lot of tourists out here. so it'd be nice. >> you end up tailgating them. even when you pull back you still end up tailgating them
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again before it's over. and it's dangerous. >> reporter: it's technically against california law not to use turn outs if you're slowing at least five others down on a one way road. and it wasn't just out of towners who were too slow for jerry. this 79-year-old patient waiting for cal trans to post signs. >> a story of frustration. a year and a half of talking with them and e mailing them and phoning them. >> reporter: he spent $50 to get a printer to make signs with the exact wording and went to the hardware store and went to work. he spent the day building the signs making him the neighborhood hero. >> i'm getting old. i can't wait forever for these things. it is a public safety matter. >> cal trans told jerry the signs will be ordered and the
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official ones will replace his homemade signs. it can be hard to find a good, obedient dog. there are certain kinds of dogs that are so popular people wait years to get one. linda shows us what makes them so great is that they aren't perfect. >> reporter: to his owner he is an ideal dog. but jammer is a guide dog school drop out. >> he flunked. he's a reject. >> reporter: jammer never made it through this training. he didn't quite have the temperament to do what this dog learned about guiding a blind person away from danger. in fact, more than 40 percent of the 800 lab dorees and retrievers bred here at guide
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dog for the blind flunk out. they learn to play and socialize while temporarily living with puppy families. >> we try to do everything we can to get them there. sometimes it doesn't happen. but they're what we call career changed. they're not rejects. they're not flunking. they're just looking for another career. >> reporter: where do these dogs end up? it turns out they are in demand. >> sit, sit. good girl. she's smart, she's focused. she's obedient. but for a lot of other reasons she will never be a guide dog. >> reporter: too distracted say the experts here. but still good enough to help someone else. >> when we evaluated her we thought she had capabilities to go into another service organization. she's going into a medical alert program. >> reporter: in the case of this black lab, she make as
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better family pet. guide dogs get 1500 applications a year for people who will pay the 750-dollar fee to adopt one of these dogs. but the criteria to qualify is strict. potential adoptees are thoroughly researched. the stall family waited years to get keno. they say they won the lottery. for doug, jammer helped fill the hole in his heart when his last dog died suddenly. >> if it makes families like me happy with a reject, career changed dogs, they're doing a lot of good for everybody. >> reporter: life couldn't be better for both of them. >> good dog. >> reporter: linda yee kpix 5. >> if you're interested in applying to adopt one of these dogs, we have a link on our website at what do you do when your
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make-up doesn't deliver. i ask myself this question all the time. an orthodox jewish woman is from new york. she applied lancome's 24 hour foundation and expected it to look flawless for 24 hours. that didn't happen. now she wants lancome to pay for it. >> any woman knows how long lasting it's supposed to be it's not going to happen. >> i would not sue the company. >> the woman is seeking unspecified damages from lan lancome. >> this is too good to pass up.
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the unbelievable reese witherspoon arrest video. >> are you kidding me? i'm an american citizen. >> i told you to get in the car and stay in there. >> i have done nothing against the law. i'm now being arrested and handcuffed? do you know my name sir? you're about to find out who i am. >> shying in she ignore she ignored stories to stay in her car. >> don't you know who i am? >> yes, you're under arrest. do you know our weather around here? 90 today. if you like it hot. what's the big deal? it's a big deal considering we're in the 60s and 70s most days in san francisco. a warm night tonight. another mild one tomorrow.
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it certainly will not be as hot in the city. san francisco, 59. san jose in the 60s. oakland 59. vallejo 58. not as hot tomorrow but still sunny and dry. high of 80. we're cooling down to 76 degrees. look at what's going on may 2nd in the midwest, they have had one heck of a winter and early spring. some portions of minnesota had 18 inches of snowfall today. there's still a foot of snow on the ground in iowa. and i tell you what, that's a rough winter and early spring for them. for us it's been bone dry. no rainfall for the next several days. high pressure is moving. when it does it opens up the door for this. the cold air out of the pacific ocean. first up will be the coast where you'll go from the upper 80s to mid 60s tomorrow. that will change over the
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weekend. high pressure moves out. a low pressure area develops offshore feeding in cool pacific air. we're going to drop down to temperatures back to normal. low to mid 70s. cooler and cloudier weather moving in. the cooling starts tomorrow close to the water near the bay in san francisco. it will not be as warm as today. much cooler weather for everybody starting on sunday. we have the chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm monday afternoon. especially in the north bay. concord tomorrow, 90 degrees. still warm inland and san jose. low 90s for vallejo. the cooler trend continues through sunday. it will be pretty chilly next week. upper 60s near the bay and a slight chance of rain on monday afternoon. coming up, meet the bay area choir that's about to sing back choir that's about to sing back up for the stones. ,,,, 3q
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. and here's denis with the warriors big win tonight. denis. >> reporter: thank you ken, warriors coach mark jackson set the stage for tonight's game after tuesday's game in which he said the nuggets were targeting steph curry. the nba fined jackson $25,000 because they thought he was trying to influence the officials. it set off a back and forth between both teams. >> some dirty plays early. >> if we played dirty they must have played unsanitary then. >> david lee was medically cleared to play and took the floor briefly mid way through the first quarter. denver led by 11 in the first half but steph curry got rolling in the second. hitting from the top of the key. suddenly the warriors have a six point lead and the building
2:08 am
was going nuts. it went from loud to a deafening few possessions later. eight point warriors lead. they led by as many as 18. denver chipped away in the fourth quarter. javale mcgee cut it to 11. ty lawson gets an easy layup to cut the lead to nine points. draymond green bailed them out. he knocks in bogut's miss to push the lead back to eight. he had 60 points. but denver wasn't ready to go lay down. andrew iguodala hits. the warriors were able to extend the lead to four on free throws. iguodala's desperation three is too little, too late. the warriors hold on 92-88 and advance to play the spurs in the second round. >> i think that, you know, got has a sense of humor. he wanted to show folks at the end as we threw the ball all
2:09 am
over the place and it's only a miracle that we advanced. >> it's almost like we had nuggets jerseys on in the period there. but i'm happy we're moving on. happy it didn't come back and bite us. i'm sure coach is going to have a film session for us. >> what was your reaction to david lee playing tonight? >> i don't know. i mean it was weird. >> are you surprised or no? >> i mean you have to be a little bit -- we're a very young team -- fantastic man. fantastic. >> reporter: the rolling stones are coming in. ,,,,,,,,
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